With a growth mindset, your child will believe their abilities will develop over time. Put simply, success is a learned behaviour. This positive mindset will increase their motivation to do homework and inspire a love of learning.


Homework is a daily activity that most kids don’t look forward to. So, how do we get kids to do homework? Here are four simple ways a growth mindset will make homework a breeze.


1. Tell them it’s okay to be wrong


It’s always a little intimidating to try something new. Whether it’s a new job, learning a new language, learning a new instrument or more, adults can feel as anxious as kids do.


However, you can prepare your child for any challenge with a growth mindset. Let them know that failing is part of the learning process, and the more they try, the sooner they’ll master any new skill.


2. Encourage problem-solving


Many homework tasks require a different set of skills. If your child struggles to complete homework in a particular subject (i.e. maths or science), ask them if there’s another way they can approach the problem.


Even though you may be tempted to solve the problem for them, it’s important they learn for themselves. If they’re stuck on a question, you can brainstorm with them to find other ways to solve it, such as looking in different parts of the textbooks or researching certain websites.


3. Teach perseverance


If your child is studying a subject they find difficult, their natural instinct may be to give up quickly if they can’t find the answers. If your child becomes frustrated, let them know that they will find the answer if they persevere.


By going through the problem step by step, they will realise they need to approach the question differently. Perseverance will increase their confidence and encourage creative thinking.


4. Show them mistakes help their brain grow


Making mistakes can be very frustrating for a child.


If your child is having trouble, gently remind them that mistakes present an opportunity to learn.


A simple way to encourage your child is to say “mistakes help my brain to grow”. This positive statement takes away the fear of getting something wrong and encourages them to learn the right answers through practice.


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