Let’s face it, homework isn’t exactly the most exciting part of a child’s school day. While there are many benefits of homework and the intended outcome is to teach them time management, responsibility, and to keep their brains sharp, most kids don’t see it that way.


Growing kids are focused on having fun in general and as you’re reading this, schools are taking more and more steps to make learning more accessible.


So, how can you help your kid love homework?


Here are two methods that worked for us growing up:



1. Focus on encouragement


Homework can be tough for kids. Not only because their brains are still getting accustomed to being in a classroom/educational environment, but also because they’re scared of making mistakes.


This is where mum and dad can step in to tell kids that, hey, it’s OK to make mistakes: what matters is that you learn from them.


Encouragement can do wonders for a kid’s self-esteem.


If they’re conditioned to see mistakes in a positive light, they’re likely to be more interested in moving forward and learning and growing, instead of beating themselves up over it.


They’re going to be more confident, and more importantly, they will most likely be as encouraging towards their peers.



2. Make it a fun bonding experience


Social interactions are important for kids, especially if it deals with something new or something that they don’t understand.


This is where mum and dad have a great opportunity to bond with their kids. We were never good at maths, but our parents would rely on toys, games, and food to help us understand division.


This led to us to see learning in general as a fun thing, and that homework was just a game that just happened to be graded when we went to class the day after.


Whatever methods you use to help your kids do their homework, just keep in mind that they are more likely to do these things and learn from them if they genuinely enjoy what they’re doing.


Do it well and they might even initiate the whole homework doing themselves!


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