Whew! Fear of failure. That’s a toughie! Since when are we so afraid to fail?


Did you know Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team?

Or that Oprah was fired from multiple new casting jobs!?

Or how about the fact that the Harry Potter book series was denied by dozens of publishers before J.K Rowling hit it big and made billions!?


If that’s not inspirational…I don’t know what is!

There are SO many stories of some of the most famous names in history understanding the importance of failure being a superhero trait. All this is simply proof that failure ROCKS!!

The question is, how do we squash those failure gremlins flat and teach our kids that they are capable of rising above anything?


Failure Rocks!


Obviously all super-hero parents want to see their kiddos achieve greatness. It’s so wonderful to see our kids succeed!

But it’s just as important to see them fail. Just like riding a bike, those training wheels don’t come off without some well-earned bumps & bruises.

Try reframing failure as practicing, trying, being persistent etc.

Find ways to help your children to not only tolerate inevitable failures, but to enjoy them and work to triumph above them!

Help your kids to understand that everyone fails and failing is not only fine…it rocks!



Failing is an awesome opportunity to teach those littles about resilience and growth.

Step back and let ‘em stumble! It will teach them to be successful adults. Be your child’s guide, but never their saviour.

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

― Robert F. Kennedy


Reach For The Stars! ?


Failure is such a cool tool. It’s learning! It teaches competence and ingenuity! It can even be FUN if we let it!

It’s not a bad thing at all and it’s such a pity that some people look at it as a negative.


We need to show our kids that we can fail over and over again, but that we need to have class in the midst of it, learn from our mistakes and rise up regardless of the struggle.

THAT is what makes us TRUE superheroes!


Everyone has unique and fabulous talents, and everyone still experiences failure in some form.

Persevering in the face of adversity and finding different ways to reach our goals is how our very own children become the rad rockstars of the future.


The Secret To Success


Let’s recap…
What is failure!?
It’s rad!
It’s awesome!
It’s the SECRET in the sauce of success!
To teach this, you have to believe it as a parent!
YOU are the driving force that will make or break your child’s formative mindset regarding positivity and motivation. It’s your job to represent!

“Parents have this powerful effect really early on and throughout childhood to send messages about what is failure, and how to respond to it.”

– Carol Dweck

If you believe that failure is debilitating, you can bet your apple pie that your kiddo is going to believe the same.
So instead of focusing on or amplifying setbacks, show your child the lesson that is inevitably hidden within. Teach them how they can learn from it and move forward with grace, positivity and self-control.
Have a sense of humour when you fail, dust yourself off and get back in the saddle with a smile!

Watch my video below for simple ways to encourage your child to accept, and even enjoy, failing.



Xo Lisa oX



1. Read the blog and find out why it’s good for kids to fail.

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